Ireland, 1982. On the eve of the passage of a centuries-old comet, an ethereal young woman called Aoibh works at a nursing home perched on the edge of a mist-shrouded lake.

She tends to four mysterious old characters who are not all they seem, and bonds with an Old Woman whose fairy tales have more truth in them than they first appear to. Aoibh is always humming a song as she goes about the home, and this ancient refrain reminds The Old Woman of one particular fairytale that seems to give her new life…

Dark mystical forces converge with a coming of age tale that celebrates the inescapable power of storytelling - through the plight of two very different women struggling to overcome guilt and grief.


‘TETHERED’ is a heart-rending dark fantasy film that visualises strands of folklore, family, and friendship by interweaving live-action, animation and modern dance. It’s an ode to Irish mythology and the very art of storytelling, as well as an homage to 1980s fantasy cinema - but with a feminist twist.   

‘TETHERED’ is a female-driven supernatural short film set to shoot in both Ireland and the UK. The script for ‘TETHERED’ - written by Stephen T Lally, Alessia Galatini and Diane Taylor-Karrer - was a finalist in 2018's Film In Cork scheme, and initial production costs were raised through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark that ended in December 2018. 

‘TETHERED’ is currently in pre-production with a filming schedule set for November 2019 and early 2020.



We are extremely proud to say ‘TETHERED’ has a predominantly female and LGBTQ+ crew in the key roles, and includes the award-winning Director Stephen T Lally, Producer Diane Taylor-Karrer and the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Susan McKeown - who will craft the haunting song at the heart of ‘TETHERED’. We will also showcase the hair artistry of Nina Butkovich-Budden in ‘TETHERED’ - and she is a legend in her industry. She has worked on hundreds of editorials for every major worldwide fashion publication, and has created wigs for and styled everyone from Lady GaGa to Pamela Anderson and Paloma Faith.

Overall, the team behind ‘TETHERED’ includes a broad spectrum of incredibly talented, multi-national Creatives working to make a fantastic film on blood, sweat, and tears.


Inspired by the rich pantheon of Celtic mythology, ‘TETHERED’ creates an original fairy tale of its own – a powerful fable about magic, memories and the moon. Our visuals draw from 1980s fantasy films - but this story treads a bold new path of its own, interweaving our inspirations into something beautiful, evocative and original. We follow characters that explore the relationship between humanity and The Otherworld. ‘TETHERED’ explores feminist themes often left behind in past genre movies and is a resoundingly female-driven film – both in front of and behind the lens.

Ireland has an incomparable natural majesty and a tradition of storytelling that runs through the veins of its people. ‘TETHERED’ is a film that evokes Irish culture, but with universal themes. We want to build a global community around this story, and we hope you come on this journey with us…


The promos created for the Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign for ‘TETHERED’ are viewable on this page - alongside the teaser feature film poster created for the film itself by Rob Fuller.    

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